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    Folder access denied.


    by vijaycby ·

    Dear friends,
    I used partition magic to merge partitions (D & F) on particular hard drive.
    This also offered to transfer my data to primary partition (from F to D).
    Now I have my OS W XP Pro on another hard drive (C of C&E) and try to open the folders of F drive which are now on new merged D drive.

    It gives message, D:[Folder Name] is not accessible. Access is denied.

    Help me access/recover this data.

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      Please check if this could help.

      by pcs365.8 ·

      In reply to Folder access denied.

      You might be a different user on XP from W2K, even if you used the same name. You can take ownership of these files as follows:
      Boot XP-home into Safe Mode (Press F8 a few times when starting up) as an administrator. Now use Explorer to go to the folders etc. on your W2K-drives, right-click them, select Properties, click the Security tab and click OK if a security message pops up. Click Advanced, then Owner tab. In the Name list select your (administrator’s) name. Mark the Replace Owner on subcontainers and objects check box. Click OK, Yes and OK.

      For taking ownership of files, rightclick them, Security tab, Advanced, Owner tab. In Name list select Administrator or Admin-group and click OK. Click Add and in the “Enter the object…list” type a user or group account or Administrator. Click OK. In the group or user name list, click the account you want (e.g. Administrator), then tick the check boxes for permissions, e.g. Full Control [Allow].

      This could be a cause of security limits.

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