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    folder opens on bootup?


    by ahroo ·

    Ok, I have a folder that wants to open everytime I boot my machine. It is not listed in my “Start” folder, and none of the programs in the folder are starting or listed in my “Start” folder. I know this is likely an easy answer that I have forgottenabout, Could you help me??

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      folder opens on bootup?

      by gbullers ·

      In reply to folder opens on bootup?

      one possibility is that a shortcut still remains in the startup folder for a program that has been removed or deleted from the system, when a shortcut remains for a program that doesn’t exist it may have linked itself to another folder with a similar name or file size, try closing the folder, then click on each of the startup icons in your startup folder to see if one re-opens the folder, if one does just remove it. there are other possibilities as well, but I ran into this one a couple of months ago and was drivin nearly crazy till I found it. If you need more help email me.

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      folder opens on bootup?

      by rustys ·

      In reply to folder opens on bootup?

      Have you checked the run or load lines in the WIN.INI.

      You may also want to check the registery files. Back up the registery before doing so.

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      folder opens on bootup?

      by waifoon ·

      In reply to folder opens on bootup?

      There are a few places that you may want to look at:-

      1) Autoexec.bat
      2) Win.ini – look for statement “load=….” The statement should be “load=” if you don’t want any programs to run during startup
      3) System.ini file

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      folder opens on bootup?

      by miked ·

      In reply to folder opens on bootup?

      It is also possible that there is an entry in the Registry that is doing the deed. If it is associated with an old app, reg-clean (or similar) my get rid of it.

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      folder opens on bootup?

      by cbarthel ·

      In reply to folder opens on bootup?

      Here’s the process I would use to troubleshoot this problem:

      1) Click on each icon in your Startup folder to see if any open that folder. If so, just delete that shortcut.

      2) Look in Win.ini for Load= or Run= to see if it’s starting from there.

      3) Look in the registry under Hkey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion and click on the Run subkey. Usually if you can’t find a program or folder in Startup or Win.ini, it will be here. Just delete it from the Run key. Other places to look is RunOnce and RunServices.

      Hope this helps!

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      folder opens on bootup?

      by alacrity ·

      In reply to folder opens on bootup?

      What is the name of the folder that opens up? Check the Autoexec.bat file for 2 new lines at the end of the file.
      The second to the last one starts with

      off c:\windows\startm~1\programs….
      the next line starts with
      del c:\windows….Also search the hard drive for any file called

      this could be a failed or incomplete virus infection. If you find kak.hta you’ve been infected.. I’ll help if you write to

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