Folder Option in Windows XP

By pankaj.ss ·

When i Double click on my local drive for opening it goes to search option in that particular drive & Each & every Folder opening in seprate window although i correct from folder option Pls Help me & Give the Suggestion what i do

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copy that

by tillytoo9 In reply to Folder Option in Windows ...

I have the same issue. One random day...Instead of opening a file to view contents the search option opens. I have to right click and choose open or explore. One more mouse click-what a pain! I'm exhausted. If you find an answer let me know..

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Drive and File Fix?

by IC-IT In reply to Folder Option in Windows ...

For the drive; open a cmdprompt (or Run) and type - regsvr32 /i shell32.dll

For the file issue open regedit and navigate to this key
Double-click on the default value and set it to "none" without the quotes

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1 out of two

by tillytoo9 In reply to Drive and File Fix?

First step completed successfully.

Second step was not.
After HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell
my choices are:
ACDBRowse with subfolder command

Next folder is: find/command

The word none does not appear when any of these are chosen.

Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.

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On the Shell folder ...

by IC-IT In reply to 1 out of two

itself, there should be nothing except under Name "default" under Type "Reg_SZ" and under Data "none"
Double click (or Right click nd choose Modify) In the Edit String Box, change the "Value Data" to none

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I'll try it

by tillytoo9 In reply to On the Shell folder ...

I'll try this tomm. and post back when I can. Thanks again for sticking with me.


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by Absolutely In reply to Folder Option in Windows ...

Folder Options
Files and Folders

un-check "Automatically search for network folders and printers"


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by aditya0007 In reply to Folder Option in Windows ...

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