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By tonyer24 ·
Sorry for my english!
i have made a mistake or something else??? i can't fix option "browse folders", when i'm opening a folder, it's opening in it's own window, but my setings ar > "open each folder in the same window"! i have tryed change thos seting but nothings changes!
this problem started, when i change the seting for mp3 files, they have opening on double-click in "eniuque in winamp" so i fix this by > folder options > file types > mp3 > advanced > "play in winamp" - worked fine! but then my folders starting to ask program to open them??? so i hawe set the setings for folder to "open in explorer"... because i thought thast wath they doing.
i can't "edit" seting for that in "file type" because thet are greyed out, so ar "remove" & : set default". only make a "new" one!
can anybody help me? i don't want to reinstal windows (Windows XP-Pro SP2)

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to folder options

Well start off by undoing what you have done if possible and even go as far as removing the MP3 files from opening in WIn Amp and see if this cures your current problem. If it does than you can set Win Amp as the Default MP3 Player and you will not need to worry about setting setup options in the Folder Options.

If you can not undo what you have done you can always perform a Roll Back with System Restore [If you have it turned on] and get out of your problems that way.

While I don't personally use MP3 I always find it easier to open the application that you want to run something in and then chose what you want to play in this application like in this case MP3 files and build a Play Libary in Win Amp so you can access all your MP3 titles from Win Apm.


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by tonyer24 In reply to

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by bluenose5709 In reply to folder options

Take a look on the root of your C to see if there is a file names autorun ? if there is then you can delete this, you will find that your folders now open as they should.

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by tonyer24 In reply to

Tnx for attempt to help me, but nothing so far (
1] my System Restore is disabled and 2] i dont have file called autorun on my C

what's the default comand for opening "Folder" and "File Folder", maybe i can create new "open with..." if only i know the corect exe.

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by tonyer24 In reply to folder options

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