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folder or file in blue colour

By naturale02 ·
may i know y some of the folder or file are in blue colour? can i delete?

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by Blackcurrant In reply to folder or file in blue co ...


The reason that Windows XP will display folder names in blue is because they have been compressed to save disk space.

With regards to deleting - only you can determine that.

Good luck

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to folder or file in blue co ...

Blackcurrent is correct any Blue coloured files/folders are compressed.

No as far as deleting things you are generally safe to delete things if they Are Not in the Windows, Some of the Program Files and quite a lot in the Documents & Settings although you are free to delete folders and files in your personal account it's generally speaking not a good idea to delete the All User & Default User folders as this will Kill Windows.

If you have installed SP2 separately from the install of the OS you'll also have a folder listed as some sort of numbered string generally as the first entry on the HDD and this CAN NOT be deleted as Windows will not allow you to remove it.

The Temp folders in the Windows Directory and in your user account
C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\Local Settings\Temp can be emptied which will free up some more drive space if that's your problem and if these have never been cleared you can get back quite a lot of space but some programs place items in these Temp Folders which you can not remove.

Everything else is generally speaking OK to delete though by deleting some folders you run the risk of removing some programs. If you have run the uninstall option you can them go about removing those folders of the programs removed though it may require a Reboot to be able to remove them.

The safest things to remove are your data in the form of any documents saved, your Favourites List, stored E-Mails and your Address Book all of which can be found in the Documents & Setting folder under your name or the account holders name though you may have to go into the viewing options and allow hidden folders to be seen.


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It may be a encrypted file or NTFS Compressed File

by powersakthi_erd In reply to folder or file in blue co ...

If you use NT utilities to clean the pc and backup and remove unused files e.t.c the unused files will be compressed and then the color will be set to blue. To remove this in the folder options under View tab remove the show NTFS files in different color option.

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