Folder permissions.

By chrisj ·

I have a problem with staff deleted, moving and renaming folders.

We are running a windows 2003 server. These folders are kept on this server. I've had a play with the permissions and can't get it to work.

What i have got is a directory of folders where all i want staff to be able to do is create new files and folders but... not to be able to rename, move or delete this folder.

I have played around the permissions and can't get it to work.

I have tried setting up a sub folder with full permissions in each folder but i still can't restrict the parent folder so it can't be renamed, moved and deleted everytime i get close is when it's too far and does not allow access to the folder at all.

Any ideas?

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HAve you...

by scott_heath In reply to Folder permissions.

Clicked the Advanced button on the Security tab and edited the permissions there? It allows for slightly more granular control.

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by chrisj In reply to HAve you...

Yeap i tried that and there are allot more options but nothing to specific to moving or renaming.

i've tried several different combinations and set up 2 sets of permissions one apply to that folder only and another for sub folders and files.

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Try it this way

by IC-IT In reply to yeap...

As Scott stated - On Advanced Tab, Select the User, Choose Edit. If You Uncheck (or Deny) the option to Delete SubFolders and Files, and Deny Delete, they will not be able to move or delete them. The one goofy side effect is that if they create a new folder within the share, they will not be able to rename it either.

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