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By adrian.aycock ·
I work for Citi and my team will be handling requests for permissioning shares for other admin groups. The only problem is that the admin do not want to give us rights to read the shares etc... This makes it very difficult to know what group membership to provide, as my team is unable to view the group memberships of the shares.

My question. Is there a certain type of access (folder permission) that will allow my team to view memberships of the shares and not open/edit the files within?

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A lot depends upon what software they're using, and how

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Folder Permissions

much work they wish to do. The basic is to give you

- read only access - this means you can open, but not change.

- the other would be to create a special group for you that gives you read only access. They then go through and give the group access to the folder, enter the folder and deny you access to the files. This is two actions for each - but it will give you the ability to see the file names and sizes and stats, but not contents.

In some software this can be done a lot easier than others, and in some by policy decisions.

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