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Good morning. I'm just admin'ing a small business network with one Win2K3 Enterprise Server and 8 WinXP Pro workstations.

I've recently implemented roaming profiles (C:\Shares\Intellimirror\Roaming Profiles\ [shared as PROFILES$]), and I've also redirected Application Data, Desktop & My Documents (C:\Shares\Intellimirror\Folder Redirection\ [shared as REDIRECTION$]). Under each of these shares, I have the system creating %USERNAME% folders. I have GP set up to wipe profiles from the local machines upon logoff. I've been working "by the book," as it were, following the instructions laid out in the TechNet site ( ).

Things are pretty smooth for the most part, but I do have a couple of minor annoyances that won't go away. I have a profile of my own that I usually use, jjones, in addition to the administrator profile (which also roams). Whenever I logon (or logoff, not sure yet) as jjones, a copy of my Application Data folder "jumps the fence," so to speak, and appears directly under REDIRECTION$, alongside all of the %USERNAME% folders. The ACL shows me to be the owner. The only contents of this copy are Microsoft/Internet Explorer/UserData/index.dat and the usual 4 jibberish-named folders (each of which is empty).

I have the verbose folder redirection logging enabled, but there are no folder redirection events in the application log near the timestamp of my logon and the creation of those folders.

The permissions on my REDIRECTION$/jjones folder are identical to those of all the other users, but none of them seem to have this issue. Permissions on all %USERNAME% folders are inherited from C:\Shares\Intellimirror\Folder Redirection. Administrator, Administrators & SYSTEM all have Full Control for this folder, subfolders and files. %USERNAME% has Full Control of this folder only. CREATOR/OWNER has Full Control of subfolders and files only. %USERNAME% is the owner. The rogue Application Data folder has the same permissions as my jjones folder.

None of the other user accounts suffers this particular bug, though some of them still suffer a similar bug (duplicates of redirected folders appearing in PROFILE$) outlined in my previous query ( ).

Thank you to anyone who may have some insight. Please feel free to ask for more info if I've forgotten anything.

-Jim "JimmyJazz" Jones

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