Folder Redirection Confusion

By ricky.helmer ·
I have set up Folder Redirection for the My Documents folder. I allow the Folders to be automatically created by the Server during login to avoid permission problems.

I had a recent incident where My boss opened his My Documents folder and went into 2 subfolders beneath it and his stuff was not there. When I typed in the path on the server where the folder was redirected to, the information WAS there.

I figured there was a problem syncing with that folder so I renamed that folder, (using his account name) and let it create another at startup. Which it did.

Going into that folder, there were still files/folders missing. I copied those over from the previous folder which I had renamed.

I went to test it by opening My Documents using the Start menu and created a text document. Then I opened the directory on the server where the folders were to be redirected to, and that text document was not there.

Does it take a while to propagate to the server? I thought that is where it was stored ALWAYS. Also, is there a limit on folder depth to which will be redirected. (He has another folder called "my documents" under his My Documents folder, and subfolders under there which were missing documents.)

Files missing were NOT of those file types which are disabled to be redirected ie. database files and .pst.

Help me understand. Is there something needing to be fixed?? I am worried he will create a document and it will NOT get to the server!!!

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Re: Folder Redirection

by zuben347 In reply to Folder Redirection Confus ...

A few quick thoughts that might help you troubleshoot:

A parent folder can't be redirected into a child folder. e.g. "My Documents" in "My Documents" may have fubared what was once probably running smooth.

Locked files can't be redirected. Probably not the issue.

There is a limit to a path's size, but that doesn't sound like a problem if it's something similar to what you described:

\\server\staffdata$\bossman\my documents\some directory\another directory\some

I would first confirm all his network connections to the DC, DNS, and file server--and maybe they're all the same node.

An ipconfig/all, a ping to the server(s), and an nslookup should convict or exonerate any network or server suspects.

Next up would have to be the Offline Files configuration and data syncing. Is it a laptop that he takes offsite? A desktop that he takes offline? A wireless network that drops connections? A DC who's DNS needs some love?

If not, and if you've got reliable uptime regarding your network and servers, I would disable Offline Files and Synchronization at both logon and logoff via the user portion of the GPO you've assigned to whatever OU the profile of your boss resides in.

If everyone else is doing fine with the setup, then make a new OU for him alone and apply the GPO settings to him alone.

Then test things. That shouldn't take but a couple log offs and ons.

The permissions are probably correct. Your boss (and anyone else with their folders redirected) should be the owners of their directory:


Lastly, check the local Event Viewer's logs for errors on his computer, and those on all the other nodes involved.

Good luck! Let us know the fix in case we fall victim to the same prob....

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Of Possible Interest

by zuben347 In reply to Re: Folder Redirection

Depending on the OS of his computer, and the timing of this issue, this might be of interest to you. I just did a quick Google, but you can (and probably have) done a more thorough job.

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Words for Breakfast

by zuben347 In reply to Re: Folder Redirection

I ate my words from the previous post regarding Offline Files, at least according to Microsoft's TechNet which states unequivocally:

"If you use redirected folders of any type, it is recommended that you set up Offline Files..."

For certain OUs on my network, I just can't.

I've got 3 sets of 24 laptops (some with vestigial 802.11b connectivity) that students use. Even with only ~10MB of data per student cached--when multiplied by all the concurrent log ons/offs (up to 72 at times)--too much class time was being wasted.

In your case, it might be best to listen to TechNet!

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