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Folder redirection in 2000 Server

By jmiller ·
We are using folder redirection in 2000 server to backup of users My Documents on our server. The problem is, i sthat it will not synchrozize certain file types, for example Access database files. Is there a way around this?

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by VinnyD In reply to Folder redirection in 200 ...

there is no way around this using folder redirection.

Database files are not sync'ed because data records inside the file can be updated, not the whole file.

If you the users access database files to get backed up to the server, then you have to give them an option to copy the database files to a server folder.

You can create a simple batch file that copies the database when the user double clicks the batch file shortcut on his desktop

the simple command

xcopy *.mdb f:\myaccessdatabase_backups /y

would do it.

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by kmcniff In reply to Folder redirection in 200 ...

If your users are using desktops and not laptops, there is a better way to accomplish this. In the GPO place My Documents folder on the users home drive on the network. This will place all files saved in the My Documents directly on the server. This will also make login and logout MUCH faster as the files do not need to be Synced as they are on the server already. You can use the above xcopy to copy the files to the user's home directory on the server. If there is a large amount of data and the files are real important, I normally use backup software to make a COPY backup of the data. This way you can have a detailed list of files copied, any errors that have occured and you can set it to verify the files after the backup. I prefer to do this because I have something to CYA. The worst thing you can do is lose user data!

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by jmiller In reply to Folder redirection in 200 ...

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