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    Folder Redirection in Server 2003


    by jamie ·

    I can’t get the My Documents folder to redirect to the users home directory. I currently have it setup as part of the Domain Group Policy but it is not working. Each user is able to access their home directory via My Computer and the drive Letter is correctly mapped. But no luck with the My Documents folder redirection.
    Thaks in advance for your assistance.

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      by Anonymous ·

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      This isn’t really as answer… BUT

      My experience with this was less than fun… I actually set the folder redirection by changing the path on each users my docs. It worked fine for a while, but I found it hung up the log-ons and log-offs with the syncronization. Also, from time to time it would pop up a message stating the user was offline, although he/she was connected. I’m not sure if this was the cause, but I know a few admins at other companies that had the same problem. One removed the errors ceased.

      Are you doing this to ensure users my docs are stored and backed up on the server?


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