Folder redirection & Mapping Drives

By todd ·
Okay, new DC is up and able to log in to Server2003 no problems, even VPN works. I have a couple of questions...

1. When redirecting the Application data, that is just the App Data folder that contains templates, sig files and such, correct? It doesn't back up the App Data folder that is in the Local Settings (such as .pst files) does it? I'm trying to figure out if there is any way to get Outlook email and contacts accessible from another computer or VPN without having an Exchange Server. I know I can move the .pst files anywhere I want, but I'm afraid what may happen when a user starts to access it from 2 different computers.

2. Is there a way to map shared folders to users without manually mapping each one? Such as with GP? So I can assign certain groups the needed shares, and users can locate them easily from My Computer.

Thanks. TC

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As provided in a nother post.

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You can map shared in Group Polilies or use logon scripts

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Been there, done that...

by james.jones In reply to Folder redirection & Mapp ...

1.) If your workstations are pre-Vista, yeah, there's a whole lot of poorly thought out architecture in the user profiles. I'm not familiar with Vista, but I've heard that they've since fixed such things. As far as I know, there's no elegant way out of this. I really did move Outlook.pst & archive.pst to an Outlook folder in each user's redirected My Documents folder (I wanted to stuff them into the real Application Data folder [also redirected], but the users revolted and insisted on having them in plain sight. =P )

2.) I've only bothered with plain old logon scripts for the drive mappings so far. Here's the one that all of my normal users get when they logon:

[pre]@echo off
net use J: \\Server\Jobs$ /persistent:no
net use M: \\Server\Mailbox /persistent:no
net use O: \\Server\Originals$ /persistent:no
net use V: \\Server\E2$ /persistent:no
net time /set /y[/pre]

It lives at \\Server\NETLOGON\default.bat. I have various scripts there for different classes of users. I assign a script to each user in the Active Directory Users & Computers MMC snap-in, on the "Profile" tab of the user's properties dialogue (where you only need to type in "default.bat" -- the rest of the path is assumed).

I hope this is helpful.


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