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    Folder security issue


    by gopal k verma ·

    I’ve to share some folders on my 2000 server with full access to ACCOUNT group, b’coz there DOS based accounting package requires full access to use it. By giving full access now every ACCOUNT user is able to view all the folder, can modify or delete them. I just want to protect them from being deleted.

    Is there any way or software or utility that can help me do this :::— “No client can delete the folder from server”


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      Reply To: Folder security issue

      by bfilmfan ·

      In reply to Folder security issue

      Here are the steps to fix that issue.

      Highlight the Folder.
      Right Click.
      Click Properties.
      Select the Security tab.
      Click Advanced.
      Highlight the security group with the rights on the folder.
      Click Edit.
      Scroll the Windows down and select the check box DENY for:
      Delete Subfolders and Files
      Click Ok.
      Click Ok.

      DO NOT MODIFY the System security group!
      To make sure you choose the right security group, I would advise creating a new security group and assigning those rights.

      Be aware that some programs use the Delete function and require it to operate.

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      Reply To: Folder security issue

      by bobho ·

      In reply to Folder security issue

      Answer 1 might work but it is really dependent on your accounting package. If the package requires the ability to create files/folders and delete them (such as with temporary or scratch files/folders) then you will run into problems.

      You should probably contact the accounting package developer to see what can be done for your particular situation although most companies do not support DOS-based versions anymore and they will tell you to update to a current windows version. I say this because I just went through a similar situation with a company who happened to be the last DOS holdout for this particular accounnting package.

      Other than that you should maintain a rigorous backup plan nightly to prevent any data-loss due to file/folder deletions.



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