Folder Sharing

By singh.sukhwinder4143 ·
I want to share a folder in a network to a particular computer, and that folder, i don't wana to accessed by any other person/computer in that network...

thanks in advance

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by Mehul Bhai In reply to Folder Sharing

If you are in domain environment, then you can share for a particular person (UESR) who is a member of the domain but not for a particular computer.

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without Domain

by singh.sukhwinder4143 In reply to Domain???

No we are not using any domain...

its simple networking using switch..

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You just fill out the sharing tab

by seanferd In reply to without Domain

in the folder's properties. Share it, limit users to 1 or two or however many might be legitimately using it at one time. Permissions - add the exact user (user profile name) whi is allowed to access it. Set read/write/full permissions. Caching - allow ofr disallow it. Fine tune it to your satisfaction, if necessary.

What you are asking for is <i>exactly</i> what sharing is all about.

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In more details

i want to share a folder in a local network workgroup without domain. and that folder cannot be accessed by any other network computer except a user which i want...

for example in a network there are computer named


and a folder is shared in com01.

and i want this shared folder can be accessed by only com03 user. other com02 and com04 not be able to access that shared folder on com01...

for this XP required a user of the same machine in which folder is shared...

hope u all understand what i want!!!

thanks in advance

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That has already been explained im my post.

by seanferd In reply to In more details

You share the file with a USER. You enter their Windows profile USER NAME. Only that user can access the file.

Have you even looked at the sharing tab yet?

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sharing folder

by prrethish In reply to Folder Sharing

i thing u r using win xp & u r in a workgroup
In xp u cannot share afoler in workgroup
without a password for u r current user account u logged in
The other user on u r network cant access u r folder without knowing u r password

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by singh.sukhwinder4143 In reply to sharing folder

How can i share a folder with password protection???

so that user has to fill password to access shared folder in workgroup...

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