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Folder Sync accross the WAN

By achen2002 ·
We have main office (site 1) and another office (site 2), the connection between them is through VPN establised on 384K DSL connections.

We wish the users at site 2 be able to access the same network drive as site 1 users, the size of it is almost 6 GB, which way in the following list will be the smartest way to set this up?

(A) Have users at site 2 to map the network drive directly from the server at site 1, do it in real time across the WAN.

(B) Setup a folder at site 2 to sync. withthe original folder at site 1, and have users at site 2 to map the network drive from their own server.

Here is what I think about pros and cons for them, please correct me if I am wrong:

pros: The users are accessing the data from the same (and only) location, so no worry about different revision of data.

cons: It's going to be slow

pros: Users at site 2 access the network drive at best perforamance because it's local

cons: I don't know how much traffic will cause for this 6GB folder to sync. with each other between site 1 and site 2.

Please give me some suggestion here.

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Folder Sync accross the WAN

by McKayTech In reply to Folder Sync accross the W ...

The most important question in my view is whether this is a database (e.g. SQL Server) or is it just a file share?

If it is a database, I would tend to use database replication in a scenario like this. If it is not, I would more likely use a mapped share if the DSL lines are stable.

However, directory sync may still make sense if a corrupted file would cause big problems. For example, let's say these are huge Word files and I'm working over a file share and the connection drops out in the middle of a save. The file may well be hosed irreversibly and have to be restored from backup. If I'm using directory sync, I should still have a good copy of the file on one side or the other and that might save the day.

Probably the best answer is going to come from a short trial while monitoring the line loads using something like MRTG and seeing how the users like the process.



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Folder Sync accross the WAN

by pgm554 In reply to Folder Sync accross the W ...

If you want something that works ,is platform independent, and secure ,Novell Ifolder.

Runs on Netware ,Windows,Linux,Solaris.

Only the changes that are made to a document or database are replicated.(ie,if a 200 meg file is changed,and it is only 50 KB,then only the 50 KB change makes its way across the WAN,not the entire 200 meg).

It has a throttling mechanism built in for the type of WAN connection you are using.

Requires no Novell client.

Try that with a M$ solution.

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by achen2002 In reply to Folder Sync accross the W ...

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