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Folder Synchronization

By JimKlallsoo ·
I use a USB stick which is always assigned the drive letter E
On this memory stick i have an extremely important folder named "completed forms".
As this folder is so important to me i copied and pasted it to my C creating an exact copy.

However here is where the problem lies:After i update some forms in the "E:/completed forms folder" The copy on C is now different.
I know i could simply copy and paste the forms or copy and paste the whole folder but this isn't what i want.

Sometimes when i fill in a form i forget to copy the completed forms version on drive E to my local drive C Only remembering days later.
Therefore, if i was to lose my memory stick i would lose some info in my forms folder.

Can anyone tell me how to synchronize a folder which i have on my USB stick?


1 -The USB stick is always assigned the drive letter E
2 - Operating System i am using is Win2k

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by JimKlallsoo In reply to

Thanks Statykserver this application does what i need it to do i was really hoping for some sort of automatic synchronisation within Windows itself which would basically Sync both folders but after playing with this proggie for 5 minutes i got it to do exactly wqhat i needed.
Once again Thanks!

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by JimKlallsoo In reply to Folder Synchronization

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