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Folder View changes refreshes IE Browser

By kucabrbr ·
How can I stop windows from automatically refreshing an Internet Explorer page when I make any modifications to the Folder View options?


1. Open internet explorer, browse to a web page.
2. Open Windows Explorer then on the tools menu select 'Folder options'.
3. Then select 'view' and then under 'Hidden Files and Folders' select any option depending on your current selection.
4. Before selecting apply, please ensure that you can see you Internet Explorer Browser in the back, then click the apply buttion from Folder options.

You will notice that the web page refreshes.

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by dawgit In reply to Folder View changes refre ...

Very strange. But why would you want to do that?
IE is an intrical part of the MS-OS. As is Windows Exployer. They do work together. It is what they do. When you change the folder options in one (as in Windows Exployer) it up-dates the whole OS, IE included (that's why you see a 'refresh') Also, when you change, say, viewing options, to 'content restictions' in IE, you won't be able to see anything 'bad' in 'My Vidios' either. (Now you know why .....)

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by kucabrbr In reply to

Thanks for your input but please see my comments.

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by jc2it In reply to Folder View changes refre ...

First of all, very interesting.

Second, It is a great security risk to use IE to browse the Internet. Using it internally is ok, but you are just asking for trouble if you are browsing the Web with it.

Try Firefox instead:

It will make your life simpler once you learn some of its better features like tabbed browsing and its better bookmark/favorites option.

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by jc2it In reply to

To answer your Question:

You will probably "break" your OS if you "fixed" this. IE is embeded in the Windows OS so deep it is almost impossible to do any thing to it tat does not affect to entire OS. Maybe Vista will fix this, but I doubt it.

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by kucabrbr In reply to

Thanks for your response but I am one of those persons who believe that there is a solution to almost any problem, it is just finiding it. It was said that Windows could not run on a Mac computer but this has been done.

I believe that they has to be some type registry edit etc that could possibly resolve this.

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by kucabrbr In reply to Folder View changes refre ...

Thanks for the comments so far but first do not assume that the persons asking the question is new to computers I know about Mozilla and what it can do. But the majority of browsers out there suffer some type of vunerability attack sooner or later, because Microsoft products are popular an use by a large majority of persons it is obvious that Hackers will try to exploit the applications.

I just want to know if someone has a solution to this. Please remember that you might have a web base application which only runs under IE and do not want to have the IE page refresh everytime you make a change in the Folder options 'view' section.

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by dawgit In reply to Folder View changes refre ...

Comment to your Comment:
I didn't mean to imply that you weren't computer savy. That was not my intent anyway. But we (I) have no way of knowing that, with-out someone stating that up front, -or- after a period of time, observing their posts. Ok, that said, I assume the basics so as not to loose anyone. My apoligies, to those whose toes I step on. I don't mean to do that. Anyway, to the base question of the refresh. There would be no way (that I can think of) that you could determin that you web page / site is in fact, 'refreshing' when your IE is not open. Therefore it might not be 'every' time you change a setting in Windows Exployer. (if that was your concern) Also, does a simple 'refresh' affect in any way the content or charater of the web page / site? That could / would be the major problem. And since, and because of the high intergration of IE with Windows, MicroSoft might be the only source of 'the' answer to that. (and I sugest they would recomend that you ultize another of their programs, such as .NET to aliviate the problem. But that's just a wild guess) -d

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Folder View changes refre ...

wow, that's a good one. I didn't find anything precisely related in mskb, but this looked interesting. a few registry hacks in there that may or may not apply. i have enuf stuff to kill time over here, i didn't try it out...
Windows XP Explorer Pane flickers on mapped network drives

if you ask me, mozilla just as much a target as IE and less scrutinized maybe. just keep 'em all patched...

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