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    Folders disappear after ntbackup


    by williamoshea ·

    Dear Colleagues,
    Something weird’s been going on in my workplace. I backup using Microsoft native ntbackup on a win 2003 server. The tapes I use are dds4 and 20gb uncompressed capacity. Recently the data rose to above 20gb so i enabled compression in order to fit my data unto the tapes. Sudenly I realised I was loosing data, and not all the data at the same time. In place of my folders, i finfd empty folders always starting with the letters sv??9.tmp, sv?4?.tmp ( and all ending with a .tmp extension. i have since split the backup to go on 2 tapes and disabled compression, but no luck. More and more of these .tmp folders are replacing my folders.
    Please is this a kind of virus I am unaware of or just something I have done wrong. I am using Sophos antivirus on all my servers and this behaviour is occuring on only 1 server(windows 2003)

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      by hal 9000 ·

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      Try another Backup utility it sounds very much like the MS utility is not working correctly and causing this problem.

      With any mission critical data I always prefer to use non MS software to perform the backups as that way I know unless I experience hardware failure that it is going to work properly and even if I do experience Hardware Failure I’ll be notified that the backup was not successful where as with the MS option you do not get that option. Don’t leave it until things get nasty and you really need that backup I ran across this several years ago with a NT Server box that had been running for 6 months with 200 GIG of Data not backing up and of course when the system failed they had no backup. That was a very expansive recovery as the HDD’s had died so they had to be sent away to a data recovery company and have the data recovered and the Government Department in question could do very little until the data arrived back and was loaded onto the server about 4 weeks latter.


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      Reply To: Folders disappear after ntbackup

      by williamoshea ·

      In reply to Folders disappear after ntbackup

      I eventually found out what caused the problems. Openoffice wipes out at random peoples data and replaces them with sv{random character}.tmp. I uninstalled openoffice from the pc the users were logging in from and the deletion stopped.

      see this articles: (Sorry some of it is in Russian, but it saved my job)

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