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I have a separate drive where I store all of my data (d drive) and I have a bunch of folders with what looks like randomly generated names like "8cdf59f0a8b81dfb2bd7c3ae00" or "18b39a2424aa9453c2". There are about 11 folders with this "naming convention" (for lack of a better term). When i look at the security tab, there are 2 accounts listed as "?Account Unknown" (the question mark is red). The name consists of "S-1-5-21-<9-10 numbers>-<9-10 numbers>-followed by more numbers that i cannot read as they trail off the visible space( i found a way to get the full account name: Account Unknown(S-1-5-21-3029212899-2170431532-2789681236-1000). The pattern is that if the first set of numbers has 9 numbers, the second set also has nine numbers. If I try to remove the users, I get an error on a file saying access is denied. The admin use has no rights (all of the boxes are unchecked). I get the same error when trying to add the rights for the admin user. if I try to change the permissions via the advanced tab...I get the security warning and i click through it and then I get an error on what appears to be the same file as before saying access is denied. If I click the Account Unknown accounts(these account do not exist in my local users and groups)...all of the boxes are checked and greyed out. If i reinstall the drive, I generally leave this intact. What is the nature of these files? I have read that they are just from installs via MS Update and are harmless, but I would like to get rid of them as they do clutter up my d drive. I first noticed this in Win XP and it has occurred with Vista and 7. Any help on ID'ing this and and good ideas on how to delete and prevent them from reoccurring would be great. The drive contains mostly data, but also a few software installs. This does not seem to be happening on my c drive. Let me know if I need to provide any other information Thanks!

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