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Folders with strange names appear

By newyorker ·
A customer of mine keeps getting empty folders created on their server with strange folder names such as 17a1b0558b7b43c9.

They are running a database built on Pervasive and have Iomega quicksync mirroring to an external hard drive.

These can usually be deleted although sometimes there is a message access denied.
What is causing these folders to appear?, anybody!!
Thanks in advance

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Folders with strange names appear

by Tonysci In reply to Folders with strange name ...

Without more information it is difficult to answer the above. (ie. antivirus? other software running on startup? how long has it been creating these folders?)but some programs will create temp folders to run and not use windows default temp since that can and is erased often. Also using long names as the above so there is no conflicts with existing folder names.

Try the following. (after doing a thorough virus scan). copy the folders to another area. then delete all that you can. if some then say access denied. try stopping programs 1 by 1 and deleting
the folders again after stopping each. obviously once you stop the program that is accessing them, then you should no longer get the access denied message and it will allow you to delete the folders (also letting you know its a valid program making them and not a virus). If of course it gives errors when you restart. just replace them from the copied folders.
Also unless there is something else wrong you will not have to shut the server down. (although of course access to programs may be temporarily stopped while trying the above)

Better safe than sorry in my opinion though.

Hopefully this is some use.

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Folders with strange names appear

by newyorker In reply to Folders with strange name ...

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Folders with strange names appear

by BlackDiamond In reply to Folders with strange name ...


What OS are you you running? I have seen simaliar folders related to Windows Update. Are there any subfolders or files in these folders?

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