Font Editor, Easy To Shrink ?

By njcsamuels ·
Our company has a program that prints checks with a ocr font. we're leasing new printers and the font is too large for the check scanner too read. is there a font editor out there that I can easily use to shrink the font and save to a .ttf file? We dont mind paying money but id feel most comfortable being able to test the font before buying it.

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So, the printed font on a physical check

by seanferd In reply to Font Editor, Easy To Shri ...

is too large for a scanner to read? I'm not even sure I understand this. Further, I don't know what a font editor can do for printed material. - Do you mean that you want to change the font before printing checks in the first place? If so, there is no size setting for the original font? What type of font (no pun intended) is it? That is, the file format.

As to editors, I don't know of any that are free and easy to use. If the font is proprietary, an editor may not even touch it. Maybe you could find a font here or somewhere similar. You can try looking at editors to see if some might do what you want. Even commercial solutions tend to have a trial version or trial period.

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custom font

by njcsamuels In reply to Font Editor, Easy To Shri ...

When we print the checks, the font print in approx 14 pt font. we need 11 pt. Its OCR A Extended. I've found free font files on the net, but they all do not the way we want. The company doesn't want to go through a code change to make this work. They'd rather have us change the font. Funny thing is that the older printers print the font ok on the checks. The font was loaded into a canon printer using netspot resource downloader. That app only works one way; upload into the printer. I've called canon support they say theres no way to extract it from the printer.

I've tried a few different font editors.

font creator - lets me edit but not save
fontforge - couldnt get this to install. cygwin install is complicated and linux fails for dependancies
**others do not let me re size easily

who could i call on to create a custom font?

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