Footer Continues to Reset Page Numbers - Word 2007

By michael_gessinger ·
I have an MS Word 2007 Template that I've created. I've inserted a footer
that includes version number (tagged from SharePoint 2007), manual
information (company name, confidentiality, etc.) and page numbers (Page X of
Y). The document is five pages long and the numbering is fine (numbered Page
1 of 5, 2 of 5, 3 of 5, etc.) until I save the document and re-open. Page one
resets to Page 1 of 3, but all the other pages are fine. If I double click in
the footer, page one will reset to Page 1 of 5, until I save, close and
re-open - it will then reset to Page 1 of 3.
Please let me know if you have experienced this and if so, what your
solution was. I have searched extensively online and cannot find a solution.
I even created a brand new template from scratch and put only page numbers
in the footer and ran into the same problem. I've also completed deleted the
footers and re-created them - resulting in the same issue.

I do know that it's not due to an un-activated license or installation - I
have a fully active MS Office Professional installation.
I'm running XP.

Thanks for any assistance!!

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