For a moble laptop should someone have a 64--bit or 32 bit ?

By Ldxrunner ·
Salutations and Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen, Is it better for a laptop user to have 64 bit or 32 bit hardware on a Intel core 2 duo,T7800 @2.60 GHz, 777MHz, with 4 GB,but only reading 3.? If either way, please explain ? Thank you.

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Either way.

by normhaga In reply to For a moble laptop should ...

You can go either way. While many software houses are now writing 64 bit apps and drivers, many are not.

With a 32 bit OS you achieve the greatest amount of compatibility with older applications. However, since you are reading only 3 gigs of your available 4 gigs of ram, this suggests that you are currently using a 32 bit OS. Because is is 3 gigs, it is suggested that you are currently using either Vista 32 or XP pro. The hardware suggests the former. 2^32 = 2147483648 - 1 bytes max ram, however XP and Vista 32 both allow this to be exceeded.

A 64 bit OS will allow the greatest compatibility with future application when developers write them more frequently. A 64 bit OS such as Vista 64 currently has a performance handicap of 10 - 30 % and is application dependent. This is because most 64 bit apps are ports os the 32 bit app. A 64 bit OS would allow you to use all of your current RAM. If you choose Vista 64 you will have a great amount of campatibilty with 32 bit apps, whereas if you choose XP Pro 64 you will not.

Bear in mind that Vista breaks 50 - 80% of apps, especially utilities. The 64 bit version is the worst because you MUST use signed drivers unless you want to allow unsigned drivers at boot time each time you boot.

As of late, I have become hostile towards MS products. So, please take this with a grain of salt: if you are, or are willing to spend time to become computer savvy, you might want to look into the 64 bit versions of Linux. The Distro de jure is Ubunto. It would make the most of your hardware with the fewest penalties.

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De Jour

by ComputerCookie In reply to Either way.

2^32 = 4 294 967 296 bytes

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Counting starts at 0...

by normhaga In reply to De Jour

not 1. Therefore, you have 2^(32 - 1) = 2^ 31. By identity 2^0 = 1.

The actual number is one less than this, or:

2^(32 - 1) - 1 = 2147483647 total bits that can be addressed by a 32 bit OS.

Come on, this is basic stuff that does not even fall into CS101.

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Well, I see but

by ComputerCookie In reply to Counting starts at 0...

How come a 32 bit OS does allow 3GB+ of RAM and is not limited to two.

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Best answer I can give....

by normhaga In reply to Well, I see but

is that when you have more than two gigs, the 32 bit versions of XP and Vista use an additional gig for swap space.

Be forewarned that this is outside of my area of expertize and may be incorrect.

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RAM, Virtual Memory, Pagefile and all that stuff

by ComputerCookie In reply to Best answer I can give... ...

Long time since i've studied computer architecture and discrete maths, but the answer does appear to be 32 bit = 4GB, see below

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Thank you.

by normhaga In reply to RAM, Virtual Memory, Page ...

You cleared a misconception of mine.

I has been a long time for me to. Even though I still have the texts on my shelf, they are outdated so I seldom look at them.

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Go for 32 Bit

by London Freelancer In reply to For a moble laptop should ...

A 32 is a good choice if you want many of the current/old applications to be supported as many of these do not have a 64 -version support.

There is still some time for the 64-bit applications to catch up and by that time I think u will anyways think about buying a new laptop :-)

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32 will only read 3...

by Mayhem1969 In reply to For a moble laptop should ...

While windows says the 32 bit system will support 4 GB, it only reads three. To get more you need the 64. However, as the other posters have mentioned, given the lack of compatible apps and other issues and what you want to use the laptop for 32 bit is fine, but keep in mind the RAM limitation.

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