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by dmiles In reply to FOR HDD

To for Bad Sectors use the Scan Disk to fix bad sectors which is located under Programs->Accessories-> System Tools
If drive is going bad backup data and get a new drive ,before it completely fails

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by TheChas In reply to FOR HDD

A sudden increase in bad sectors is a good indication that your drive may fail at any time.

Back up your data, and replace the drive ASAP.


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by wlbowers In reply to FOR HDD

The drive is failing! Back it up now! Replace the drive!

Other wise you will be trying to freeze it, or dropping it on the table, or making voodo dolls, or ~ never mind.

Sorry a little tangent there. Back up what you don't want to lose. That drive is gonna die.


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by shadowworks_2000 In reply to FOR HDD

only two sugestions BACK UP and REPLACE IT. or just replace it then worie about tring to fix the sectors, but either way shes going so get your stuff on some type of external storage!!!! if you dont have one, I sugest getting a cd burner ( not to expencive now days) of if you can afford it a DVD burner. I have both, and anything on any of my 5 hard drives can be found on either cd or dvd,of zip drive. I back up, or shall I say put everything on disc before I install it. and another important thing with backing up run your virus scan with latest updates befor putting on a disc, you dont want to posably infect the new drive if you have a virus!!!

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