For some of you a tired topic...and yet....

By icewood ·
I must ask: as someone who is to begin exploring development environments for web and desktop apps, what would you say is the most versatile and non-hostile (for a newbie) place to start: .Net or Java EE? Any enlightenment much appreciated...

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aim higher - be a platform-agnostic software developer

by obkalu In reply to For some of you a tired t ...

java or dotnet? same thing. my advice is, don't get tethered to one platform or technology or programming language and let your knowledge end there. instead, aim to be a well-rounder software man. think/operate at a higher abstraction above the various technologies/platforms. know/master the art of building software first and foremost. what tool or language or technololgy you work with becomes just a simple matter of learning some API or environment and most of them are so similar these days, it may just take a weekend to get a grasp of a new language or toolkit or dev env etc. and build things with it and enjoy. :)

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by icewood In reply to aim higher - be a platfor ...

That makes sense....but could you please point out some fundamental blocks of software development to begin with without getting tied to one methodology? Thanks in advance.

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by happyhippo5000 In reply to aim higher - be a platfor ...

I am Agree With obkalu.

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But Where and How...?

by icewood In reply to @Above

Obkalu and happyhippo5000...thanks for the responses. I need some more pointers. Being vendor or language independent sounds the way to go, but (babysteps here) what initial building blocks do I need to have in place?


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Good advice however...

by jslarochelle In reply to aim higher - be a platfor ... doesn't help with the selection of a tool for a newbie.<br/>
Although I'm not into Web development I did look at the different platform. It might be interesting for you to check-out "Ruby on Rails".<br/>


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