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For those about to Rock? Did we grow up?

By LarryD4 ·
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Last night I had the opportunity to see AC/DC in Madison Square Garden. Incidently it was in the Computer Associates Suite, which I have to say was great fun.

Now back in the late 80's I was a heavy metal/rock and roll fan. I listend to AC/DC, Van Halen, Metalica, Dokken, Dio, Ozzy, Winger, and the rest of the 80's hair band groups. I played in a band in H.S. and I attended many a concert in my day and try to attend as many as I can now.

But I have to ask, what happen??

In the past year I have been to three concerts. The Police, Rush, and now AC/DC and it seems that everyone, kids included, have just seemed to tone it down notch.

To explain more clearly, I vividly remember concert tours like "The Monsters of Rock", Motley Crue, Whitesnake where you had fans standing up against the stage 10, 15 people deep. The whole audience would jump, sway, and dance together. You were squished in like sardines, but it added to the concert itself. One giant mass of people all on the same beat, it was amazing.

But now as I sit their, watching a 60 something, run around in his English School Boy getup, girating his body and his guitar on stage, people cheer but they just sorta sit their. Even the new fans, who are the "new generation", just sorta sit their.

Sadly I have seen more music "mania" at one of those Disney concerts with their teen stars, then at even a current (Coldplay Dautry, etc..) concert. It seems its the same all over. Lots more security, lots more gates, and everyone stays in their "area".

What happen to the days of rushing the stage to get up front or even a random stage dive or two?

Granted I've passed the need to be in the "crowd" at a concert, but it just all seems so sterile..

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I think part of the problem..

by tcavadias Staff In reply to For those about to Rock? ...

isn't so much as that we all grew up - but lawsuits and insurance has increased at the places that hold these concerts. A fan steps on your foot breaking your little toe that you've already broken a million times before and security didn't ensure they stayed in their seat - calls for a lawsuit.

The Mickey D syndrome

-Tammy :-)

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by LarryD4 In reply to I think part of the probl ...

The legalities of life I can see getting in the way. We all want to protect are "arses" in case of liability. But smaller venues, like Maxwell's in Hoboken, the Stone Pony in Asbury Park are still like that.

On a side note..

Every concert I have been to has been in a smoke free venue, but it seems pot is not on the list, each concert held the unmistakable smell of cannabis.
The amount of pot smoke wafting in to the box last night was crazy. It made me and a few of the people realize. If we had a random drug test at work, would we pass??

Luckily the boss was their too! :)

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Kinda like non-alcoholic beer...

by tcavadias Staff In reply to Sigh

... since most says (in teeny tiny fine print) it contains 0.5 percent alcohol but is labeled as non-alcoholic - if you drink it all day long and get pulled over later that day - can you be giving a DUI?


PS: Don't ruin my fanatsy world of the cause being we are all getting old and slowing down - I much prefer to blame lawsuits.

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Not always...

by Slvrknght In reply to For those about to Rock? ...

I was just at a Dropkick Murphys concert and it was packed, there were mosh pits, and there were crazy fans on stage. It was awesome.

Also, it seems to have shifted away from bands like that and more into the hardcore heavy metal arenas. Take a look at Ozzfest and the like.

I swear there are bastions of hard rocking out there.

Granted, I'm only 27...

P.S. However, I was able to see Jethro Tull live while at college at that was really f%^king cool.

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I hope so!

by LarryD4 In reply to Not always...

At least I know its still happening. I may be cited as alarmist, just because I don't see it anymore. But I guess I'm looking at the bigger picture. When I wonder if we are sterilizing ourselves from creativity.

Not that a mosh pit from a Black Flag concert or a Celtic Frost event would spark some great creativity. It seems music is getting canned in to a nice little package. For most 40 something people, you see the style and sound of the 80s coming back. Being sold for commercials, coporate sponsership, or background music for public campaign adds.

It almost seems you don't hear about the bands that start in the garage and work they way up the food chain. You either need to go the route of the "Disney" process or you need to be on a reality show.

Perhaps the reason why all these bands like "The Stones", AC/DC, Aerosmith, keep coming back with new music and concerts. Is because their is no fresh meat in the music industry.

Just canned spam.. :)

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You just have to look in different places.

by Slvrknght In reply to I hope so!

Try some of these bands:

Angel City Outcasts
Sonata Arctica

That's just for starters. Generally, the music I find the best to listen to are the opening bands for big shows. Sometimes you find a real diamond in the rough... Like Angel City Outcasts.

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The problem, larry

by NickNielsen In reply to I hope so!

There's fresh music out there, it's just not profitable for the record companies, so they ignore it.

When I was growing up, WOUR, an AOR station in Utica exposed me to a vast amount of new music, everything from Canned Heat to Zappa. I could even (occasionally) get the college radio stations from Oneonta and Schenectady. Some of what I heard I liked, some of it I didn't. Unfortunately, all the commercial radio stations that used to play the new stuff have been formatted out of existence in the pursuit of audience and ratings and even college stations have gone mainstream.

Today, the new music is being released on band sites at Youtube or MySpace. Most radio stations aren't going to play it because "it doesn't fit our format" and we (the older generation) don't have the time to cruise the web looking for new music unless that's our job.

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Amen, Brother!

by Slvrknght In reply to The problem, larry

I worked as a DJ at my college radio station. The nice part was the fact that our formats ranged all over the board (my show was heavy metal, mostly European stuff). There was a lot of really good music going through the airwaves there (WMEB had the distinction of, at least in the 70's and 80's, as one of the best college radio stations in the country). I miss doing that.

But, you're right, Nick. The fact is, the new "underground" or pirate radio stations are all online. You can find some incredible stations out there.

(Even WMEB. If I may make an Alma Mater plug:

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Legal issues and forced safety precautions

by Forum Surfer In reply to For those about to Rock? ...

Most of the time you can't get on stage, much less attempt a stage dive. Mosh pits get broken up if they get violent.

We've also become a little too safe as a society. I mean how many of you guys actually wore helmets, knee and elbow pads on bicycles growing up???? Now how many of you send your kids out in them? I figured out that if I fell, it I quit falling. Now you can throw your kid down a flight of stairs and they'll just laugh and bounce with all their gear on. I'm sorry, but I send my son out without his bicycle helmet unless there's traffic around. He needs to know that when you fall it hurts, so try to avoid bumping your $#@#$@ head!

I didn't even wear helmets on 3 or 4 wheelers unless local sanctioning bodies required them at races, much less special boots (admittedly those are great), chest protectors and all the other gear. I sort of wish I had a lot of that motocross gear as a kid, so I do make my son wear that. But I do not discourage him from jumping hills or trying dangerous stuff. In fact I usually give him pointers like counter steering and steering through corners with the throttle.

I think as a society a lot of us became careless with our kids, frivolous lawsuits followed since no one is willing to accept blame for them and now we have way too many safety standards forced on us.

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Depends on the show you go to

by jdclyde In reply to For those about to Rock? ...

Took my boys to slipknots all day fest "energy tour" this summer, and it was pretty wild. They got their first mosh pits, crowd surfing, and even mud sliding. They rushed the stage, while I stood in the back and drank a beer or three.

A good time had by all.

If you go to see a band that has done nothing worth while in a few decades, you will get people going based upon who they used to be. Fine and dandy. I do admit that they finally came out with something that sounds good, and welcome them back, but not for the price they are charging.

One advantage of these OLD bands coming back out, they sound better than ever because they are actually sober on stage. It is about their retirement account, not sex/drugs/rock-n-roll.

how did they sound?

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