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For those of us who are left.... Happy Thanksgiving

By cmiller5400 ·
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I wish you all a happy, healthy and safe holiday!

Eat lots of good food, as calories don't count on holidays

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Happy Thanksgiving CMiller!

Good to know calories don't count on holidays, hehe! However, to this point I haven't had to worry too much about caloric intake, get jokes about having to run around in the shower to get wet thrown my way all the time, oh, and I have to carry extra rocks in my pockets when the wind is blowing!

Happy Thanksgiving all!

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A bit too late

by Slayer_ In reply to For those of us who are l ...

Thanksgiving was over a month ago.
But happy thanksgiving.

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I have already had my first Chrstmas card for 2013

by john.a.wills In reply to For those of us who are l ...

Admittedly it was from a charity seeking funds for its feeding of the indigent, but still...

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Happy Thanksgiving

by PurpleSkys In reply to For those of us who are l ...

to all our American friends...hope you all have a safe, happy long weekend!! :)

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Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to For those of us who are l ...

To each and all!

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Now if only someone will explain BLACK FRIDAY

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to For those of us who are l ...

No not really hope all the Americans had a good holiday.


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HAl Re: Black Friday

by TheChas In reply to Now if only someone will ...

There are 3 different stories about Black Friday depending on the research.

1 is that the Philadelphia PA (?) police department started using the term to deter shoppers from crowding the downtown streets on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Second is that from an accounting perspective, the average retail business makes enough money to pay the total years bills on or near the Friday after Thanksgiving. Thus, the balance sheet changes from red to black, and most of the sales for the rest of the year are profits.

Third, (and what has culminated into the current US Black Friday obsession) is that retailers were seeing a rush of shoppers on Friday afternoon and very few shoppers in the morning. In an effort to bring shoppers in earlier in the day and spread out the rush, stores started offering deals and special events on Friday morning. This soon turned into a competition for both the shoppers and the retailers.

In the early days of the Black Friday specials, my wife and I used to shop then. As the crowds got bigger and less civilized, we just stopped going.


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