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    For those who ventured over to Vista……..


    by livelove_laugh ·


    I have found the most convenient tool with Vista is the sidebar. The three things I have to always remember on the drop of a dime are the date, time, and using the calculator. Looking at the local temperature is my drive to get out side and leave work on time!
    I am curious what others are liking about Vista…….please share and maybe that will come in handy for me too. Nope, this is not for what I don’t like just what I like so far.


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      Funny, I’ve had the time and date on the computer since Win 3.11

      by deadly ernest ·

      In reply to For those who ventured over to Vista……..

      and Linux has had all that with the weather for ages, in a bar that you can place anywhere you want it.

      What I like about Vista, seeing it bomb systems finally forced me to start using Linux, and boy what a feeling of speed and better quality.

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      great for making something to sell

      by cg it ·

      In reply to For those who ventured over to Vista……..

      if you can make a gadget that everyone and the pet dog will use, can make millions.

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      I like the sidebar, but…

      by savon19 ·

      In reply to For those who ventured over to Vista……..

      It launched fine from startup for a couple weeks, but now it gives me Windows Defender error message, so I had to take it out of startup. I then have to start it up after I’ve started computer. Not as much fun!

      I’ve looked a few places for a fix; so far, I haven’t found one.

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      Start Menu Search Feature

      by thomas.kingster ·

      In reply to For those who ventured over to Vista……..

      I’ve been using Vista since Beta ? version and have grown to like it very much. I currently use it on 2 of my work computers for day to day use (desktop and laptop) and one home entertainment system. Now although I do still use XP at home and in a virtual environment, I do prefer Vista for the following reasons:

      First, the Start Menu search feature is amazing. In my work (Network Administration), I am always pressed for time and trying to find the most efficient way to do any task. The ability to hit the start key and just start typing the name of the program in order to open it is a real time saver. Plus, the fact that this does not only open programs, but aides in finding documents I may have misplaced on one of my drives continues to help on a day to day basis.

      Secondly, I must agree that the sidebar is always helpful from the date and time being readily accessible to the fact that there are thousands of gadgets you can add to get various functionality. For example, on my laptop, I have gadgets for wifi strength and battery levels to aide me when I’m truly mobile.

      Another cool feature (Vista Ultimate only) is Windows DreamScene. This allows you to put a high definition video as the background on your desktop. Obviously not necessary in any way, but when you spend all your time on computers working, a little bit of pretty scenery that makes you feel like you are outside is kinda nice.

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        I’m glad you like, but for many like me

        by deadly ernest ·

        In reply to Start Menu Search Feature

        it’s just not worth the several hundred dollars Aust for a little bit of eye candy – which is all the majority of users get in Vista over XP.

        But, hey, go for it if that’s what you like.

        BTW: Most of the sys and network admins at a place I used to work have all those extras you mention, and have had them since 2001 – but they’ve been using Linux all that time.

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