force logoff after hours expire

By wancona ·
I've been trying to force users to logoff after their logon hours have expired through Group Policy. I have a SBS 2003 server and all workstations are running XP Pro. For some reason it is not working.

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Test without lost

by wancona In reply to A link for you!

How do you test the group policy without interfering with productivity

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What exactly does this do

by wancona In reply to A link for you!

Does this just force them to work offline. I am looking for something that will shut every application down and log the individual out of the computer. I am having problems with people not remembering to log out at night, and certain scheduled task can not run because they are still logged in. Also, I can't keep going around to every computer at night to make sure the individual is logged out before I go home. So I need to insure that everyone is logged off before a particular time.

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by scott_heath In reply to What exactly does this do

I reread it and it only logs them off the server, not the local workstation. Should everyone be gone at a specific time? If so, write a script that kicks off from the server at a specific time and sends all stations a pop up message that they will be logged off in 5 minutes. Then 5 minutes later run a script that will log them off their PC or restart the PC.

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So did I.

by wancona In reply to Oooops

I read the link you gave me, and I realized too that it didn't logoff the computer, just disconnected the user from the network resources. It is a deceiving title "Fore logoff when hours expire"

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by scott_heath In reply to So did I.

The suggestions by Paul and CG IT should do. I was hoping to find a way you could do it without scheduling a script, but oh well.

I would try to build in some logic that verifies the user has actually been logged off. Try it a few times and see how it goes. If you don't need 100% compliance every single night the shutdown command should work fine.

If you need 100% compliance let me know. Maybe we can work up a vbscript that uses WMI to check for logged on users and then only executes if they are logged on, checks to make sure it logged the user off, then takes more drastic measures if it isn't working.

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Any help?

by wancona In reply to force logoff after hours ...

After doing research I've found that you pretty much have to run a batch file to actually force the user off the workstation. But I'm actually still in school, and I'm not too sure how to script a batch file. Is there anyone who can offer help?

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use the XP shutdown command

by paul.cook In reply to Any help?

set a scheduled task on the workstations to run "shutdown -l -f -t 30" at a specific time
You can use the AT command to set scheduled tasks on remote computers.

Or create a batch file on the server and run it at 5:30pm or whenever:
shutdown -l -f -t 30 -m \\computer1
shutdown -l -f -t 30 -m \\computer2
or even better use the For command in a batch file to run another batch file on a text file list of computers.

shutdown -l -f -t 30 -m \\%1

logoffallcomps.cmd (this file is one line)
For /f %%a In (complist.txt) Do Call logoffcomp.cmd %%a

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Pauls got it

by CG IT In reply to use the XP shutdown comma ...

that will close all applications, then shutdown the workstations.

there is also a command for providing a net message to users about a forced shutdown.

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Okay, but what about...

by wancona In reply to use the XP shutdown comma ...

Okay, if that is to shutdown the computers, is there a way to restart instead of shutdown. Because I really only need them to log off of the workstation so that Scheduled tasks can run in the middle of the night. If it shuts down, then it would defeat the purpose of the log off, and I would still have to go around and turn them back on by hand.

Don't want to seem unappreciative, That is very helpful information, but can it be tweaked to restart instead of shutdown, or just straight logg off?

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