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How does accces know when to force the new page in a report? I have tried entering and controlling page breaks, and by using the report footer force new page = 2. The problem is either the footer is placed on the next page by itself, or the wrong information is transfered to the page header (I have a different page for each subject, and when the subject changes the footer should be on the same page. I have several grouping levels, but want all footers on the same page. Somthing is telling access there is a new record different than the current. What is it and how do I utilize it?

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by mslizny In reply to Force Page

If you look at your report in Design view,
choose the Grouping dialog box. If you want a
new page after a section or a record that you
are grouping on, there is a control labeled
"New Page." This control can be chosen for
any grouped information.

Also, I have found that it helps to adjust the
blank space in the sections of a report in
Design View to get the page breaks I want.
Making a section a bit longer than the
information inside it can translate to the
appearance I want in the printed report.

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