Force Win7 to use USB 4G dongle for internet connection and wi-fi LAN

By spiralingcrazies ·
I have a bit of an interesting issue that I can't seem to resolve. I have a USB 4G dongle for internet while traveling and it is working fine if I were to leave my wi-fi LAN connection.
What I want to do is stay on the LAN connected to the wi-fi, but use the USB 4G dongle to connect to the internet. Is there a way to do that?
Right now, if my wi-fi is connected to my WAN, the outgoing internet is forced by the router.
I put my USB dongle as the "more preferred" network in Network settings and told the wi-fi connection to connect to the "more preferred" network but it seems to be still going out through the wi-fi connection and not the USB 4G.

Any ideas or options?

Optimally I want to use the USB 4g dongle for some downloads to keep the load lighter at home and at the same time to be connected to the home LAN for file sharing and printing options, now I have to disable my wi-fi in order to be connected to the USB 4G dongle internet.

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