Forcing Copy or Cut and Paste without the Questions

By bobwyzguy ·
Is there a way to move files and directories from one Windows location to another without having to stand watch for the inevitable "suchandsuch is a system file, do you really want to" type questions when you use copy/paste or cut/paste? I do a lot of file transfering and would really like to just move this stuff without all the interruptions. Is the an application that can do that easily, or a command line in Windows that will work?

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I use TeraCopy

by SKDTech In reply to Forcing Copy or Cut and P ...

It works fairly well and only interrupts if it finds another file of the same name and extension.
With newer version it even works with UAC which was my biggest stumbling block to using it when I first found it

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xcopy source destination parameters

by Slayer_ In reply to Forcing Copy or Cut and P ...

you can use xcopy within a command prompt.

Syntax is
xcopy source [destination] [parameters]
(Stuff in [] means it's optional)

If you want to know more, open a command prompt and type "xcopy /?"

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by d1david In reply to Forcing Copy or Cut and P ...

You can also use ycopy (it is free) You can also copy a whole hard drive without being bugged.

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