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Forcing ISPs to police the Net

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
Tell us what you think about forcing ISPs to police the Internet, as featured in the latest Internet Security Focus newsletter. Do you think it's a bad idea? Why or why not?

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Anyone can pollute the ocean...

by admin In reply to Forcing ISPs to police th ...

but who of us can restore it?

Governments cannot.
Fines cannot.
Law Enforcment cannot.
Business cannot.

Is it a Government, a business, a criminal or a business that makes it unsafe for life? No. It is many little acts by individuals. The captain that cannot control alchohol, the crew member that does not intervene and feeds their family instead for another month. the political leaders that choose destruction, the scientists who pursue pure knowledge without contemplating application and more than anyone, those who live an unexamined personal life and with their personal choices directly pollute or indirectly financially support those who do.

the internet is much the same. it will never lack pollution or be brought neatly under control without one world governing body and most likely not with it either. to me it would be a shame, but to cut ourselves off from the internet as a country and regulate as we do broadcasting would be the way to do this. a country wide network seperated and then enforce controls to keep people from hearing other points of view and those who insisted on this "Information Smuggling" should be rooted out and jailed or publically humiliated, especially if they are artists or actors!

isp's cannot make it conform or clean to any one goverment any easier than they can clean the ocean. they can fine, prosecute and become powerful and rich in the process and then why would they want to fix that which has rewarded them so well?

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Policing the ISPs

by TokyoPete In reply to Anyone can pollute the oc ...

And who will police the ISPs? There is no guarantee that the isps themselves won't misuse information that they glean in the course of monitoring what is passing through their servers. This is Catch 22 with a vengeance.
Of course, governments want to control everything and every thought of ther citizens. God forbid that citizens should actually think for htemsleves or have a form of communication that cannot bew monitored.
We are already at the stage where one can end up in an unknown jail, hidden from view for as long as the "authoriies" wish. Just cry Terrorist! Even a 74 yr old Afghan was held in Quatanamo military concentration camp until his release a few days ago.
Sure the Internet is a Wild Wide West type of activity but trying to force the server owners to actively or otherwise try to control what is going on is an impossible task in the first place. In any case, how to control ISPs that are not physically located wthin your juristration. The USA might think it has the right to troll the whole world but there are only 280M living there compared with the several Billion all over the world.
Let the FBI et al do their thing of catching criminals who have actually committed a crime. If we don't curb their excesses now, tomorrrow will be too late for all of us. In the end, we'll all end up with a number tattooed on our foreheads and be monitored from birth to death and brain washed into the bargain.
Is that what any sane person wants?

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Big bad internet

by sussex pete In reply to Policing the ISPs

Unfortuantly the internet is viewed with fear and suspicion by many and those that wish to use use it for criminal activities will, making ISPs police them will not help. ISPs need to make a profit or they die, money talks and crime has lots of money, education of my generation, e.g parents would be far better and cheaper, Who is going to charge an ISP based in China, not the FBI, High tech crime squad or any western goverment, we need to wake up and smell the coffee, education is the only answer not some knee jerk reaction

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Guns don't kill people??

by Borgesen In reply to Forcing ISPs to police th ...

Isn't that kind of the same as saying:

"Guns don't kill people - Humans do".

Well that may be true, but only to a certain extent.

I live in Denmark, where firearms are quite severly regulated, and not easy at all to get your hands on. It _can_ be done, but is highly difficult for an ordinary person.

I do recognise however, that the number of gunrelated crimes per capita is way way down compared to countries with less restrictive firearms policies.

So my point is: Yes, people are responcible themselfs for the lack of added security messerures on their systems, but in ISP policy on the matter would help the majority of "ordinary users" not to commit these acts out of sheer lack of understanding.

That was just my five cents.

Borgesen, Denmark

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My thoughts exactly!

by mkrull In reply to Guns don't kill people??

I posted a similar item - before I found yours.

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Although I see your point...

by admin In reply to Guns don't kill people??

Do you have any suggestions of an International Gun Control Law that would be recognized and enforcable worldwide?

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Hear! Hear!

by GWGert In reply to Guns don't kill people??

One argument provided in the body of the primary article asked if we would like telephone companies recording our messages. That is a poor comparison because (a) there are many regulations already in place prohibiting such monitoring without court order or reasonable cause; (b) the crimes committed by telephone are hellacious, but it typically is the ignorant person who willingly falls prey to them; and, most importantly (c) telephone calls can be easily traced, whereas tracing the source of internet crimes, such as an Distributed DoS, is much more difficult, and best done at the ISP level.

While I don't agree with monitoring one's surfing habits, I do agree that ISPs can be much more responsible about the web content of their subscribers.

My five cents.

Incline Village, Nevada

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Nope guns kill people too..

by TomSal In reply to Guns don't kill people??

"Guns don't kill. People Do." That's a very popular quote, which at first glance seems kind of clever. But its wrong.

There's been more than one case where a gun "just went off".

In fact in both WWII and Vietnam a couple soldiers died becausetheir weapons "went off" (meaning without a trigger pull).

I know for a fact this happend with German made Lugers (WWII) and rumored has it that the first iterations of the M16 had some "nasty habits" in the early stages of Vietnam. (The only weird thing to the later is plenty of people swore to the realibility of the M16 as well).

I just wanted to comment on that quote - because I heard it a lot and its not 100% true. (I'm just a stickler I guess).

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Just Say No to the Police State

by steven.randolph In reply to Forcing ISPs to police th ...

For my country (USA) at least, it is absolutely true that vast majority of the legislators and the administration are incompetent when it comes to computer technology. But this is not a sufficient explanation for their recent actions, as these "public servants" do have competent advisors. The real problem is that our government is filled with authoritarian types, who naturally tend to be drawn to that sort of work. So the public must keep reminding them of the many strong libertarian aspectsof the Constitution. Otherwise, they will eventually erode every freedom that we take for granted.

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WireTap VS Internet Monitoring.

by Rhizoned In reply to Forcing ISPs to police th ...

Is this not wire-tapping everyone??
Guilty until proven innocent?

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