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Forcing word to print single sided

By The Ref ·
I have a word document that has some forms at the end. My printer settings are to print duplex by default, but I need to force these forms to print single sided. I dont want to insert blank pages in the document to force this, as people who print single sided will be annoyed. I am also happy for the first part of the document (before the form) to stay duplex, but would accept if this could not happen.

I really want to start a new section in the document where the section information knows it should be printed single sided.

1. Is this possible to do
2. If so, then how.


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If you want to keep the first part Duplexed

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Forcing word to print sin ...

You'll need to break the Document into 2 Documents and alter the Printer Defaults on the Print Screen before you send the Print job the the Printer.

Or you could just Control P the entire document the click on Proprieties when the Printer Box comes up and stop the printer using the Duplex option as Default by changing the settings. If you do things this way they will be at the normal Duplex Settings when you restart the Word Program.

If you want to make a permanent change to the way that the printer works you would have to do it from the Printer Control Panel and setup as you want it to work.


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Thanks for the help, but ...

by The Ref In reply to If you want to keep the f ...

Thanks, but I need to make this change for about 15 - 20 people who use this template, most of which use different printers and may or may not have duplexing by default.

For exporting stuff we need 4 copies of the export (customs)declaration so if it is duplex it wont meet the requirements. If I could force the whole document to be single sided that would do. I might look into the HP printer codes - as nearly all our printers are HP lasers, just different models.

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