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Forgot Bios Password for Sony PCG-GRT250P

By jorgedpimp5 ·
Can anyone help me. I forgot the Bios Password for my laptop! Any Help Appreciated!

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first use the 'Q & A' section....

by dawgit In reply to Forgot Bios Password for ...

There you will most likely get a faster and better answer.
anyway, I know that this is a laptop and you probably don't want to take it appart, but you're going to have to. Here's what you need to do. Un- plug it and re-move the battery. Than find out where the BIOS battery is in your laptop. (in the manual, or on the Sony web-site) re-move it for at least 5 min. than re-install it and the rest of the laptop. re-place the main battery, and re-conect to the power line. Start it up and if you want enter the BIOS and make a new password. got all that now? There should be information on all of this on the Sony web-site. -d

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Lost Bios Password.

by michael_orton In reply to Forgot Bios Password for ...

1/ Removing the BIOS battery for 30 minutes, Then the BIOs will be reset to default.
Many m/b have a place where you can short two pins to reset the BIOS.
This is often difficult with a laptop, I often have trouble in removing Hds for data recovery from laptops, and even more difficulty in getting the b****s back afterwards.

2/ If your firm hasn't got any stupid content filters, Google "Bios Password" + recovery and you will get a list of FREE downloads that will easily overcome the problem. Also "BIOS Passwords" + hacking OR cracking.
No problem unless your firm objects to the use of "Naughty" software from "naughty" sites.
IMHO such software is always excellent and does what it claims to do, even if it is illegal!
I tend to resort to free "naughty" software before
even thinking of using Commercial tools.
They work just as well, often better, and are free! But do a virus scan afterwards!

3/ Try Manufacturer's web site.

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About 250P solve kit

by gsb2_gzb In reply to Forgot Bios Password for ...

Just shutdown power and open MS cover, u can see a batter jack on the lift side ,tund down connet sevel second and connet on,then it's ok.

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