Forgot Bios Password

By zeeshan_tahir ·
hello everyone, i have an acer machine and i forgot the password for bios. I want to boot a cd but its by default on hardisk. I want to chage it but failed. Please help me to solve this problem. Either to clear cmos setting or to boot my xp cd.

I hope to hear from you soon.


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Clear CMOS

by zerosportal In reply to Forgot Bios Password

At this point, if you have forgotten your password, there
may be a way to retrive it.. some manufacturers have
master BIOS passwords, and sometimes BIOS
manufacturers do the same.

If you don't want to waste the time, you could always clear
your CMOS settings, more than likely by switching over a
jumper while the computer is powered off.

Some also have a CMOS reset button.

Hope this helps!

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You have several options available to you

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Forgot Bios Password

You could try flashing the BIOS to a later version which will clear any BIOS Passwords or you can wipe the BIOS and then reset it to suit your needs.

The second option varies depending on the Model of Acer that you have as obviously Desktops are different to Note Books. But it should involve disconnecting the BIOS Battery while the mains are disconnected or changing a Jumper that will be listed in your Owners Manual. If you no longer have the owners Manual you can download a copy from Acer.


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