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By emreblora ·
Could someone help me please i forgot my log in password on my windows.... how can i open my computer....

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Call your Admin

by jdclyde In reply to Forgot Password

That is why they are paid the "big bucks".

A side note, when you have a question about your "windows", you have to include what version of windows you have on your system.

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my solution for that problem

by liviawarty In reply to Call your Admin

I have a friend having the same problem..
he re-install his windows (XP) but it wont work.. so he ask me to help...

i format his pc and reinstall the windows (XP) .. sure it will work ;p .. only you have to bear the consequences of loss data

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What do you want then, the password?

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Forgot Password

And how would we know that (hmmmmm)?

As said before contact your Admin. If you have no Admin as it's your Home PC, then forgetting the password is unlikely...Reinstall the PC!

HOWEVER....(drum roll) To open your computer remove the screws or slide the lever on the side. Works every time!

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hmmm nose twitches

by Kiltie In reply to Forgot Password

2 posts, same day, same person, this one forgetting a password,
the other is called
wants to know
"How can i make my hard drive bootable?"

Does this suggest anything to you JD, TechMail?

I wasn't born yesterday

Edited to show info about my age ;-)

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by ctmoore1998 In reply to Forgot Password

If on a domain contact IT to reset your password. If this is a stand alone unit either XP home or Pro. Reboot PC and hit F8 to invoke XP boot menu. Choose to boot into SAFE MODE (or SAFE MODE w/NETWORKING) Then click on the ADMINISTRATOR acct (most home PC's this PWD will be blank) if you don't know the password for the ADMINSTRATOR acct then you need a pwd recovery app to reset the admin acct. Once logged on as the admin go to USERS ACCOUNTS and CHANGE the desired acct password. Even if you want to blank the pwd choose change then leave new password dialogs blank as to not lose encrypted info.

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by trriangle In reply to Forgot Password

Active@ Password Changer will help you. It will reset forgotten or lost windows password

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by Annyyu22 In reply to Forgot Password

I hope this can help you.last month my sister meet the same problem,and then we solved it as follow.There is a way to reset the password and it doesn't involve reformatting and reunstalling Windows. The solution is called Windows Password Key 8.0. It is the most popular and safe solution for resetting your Windows password until now. You can down it from:

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and again {NT}

by .Martin. In reply to hello
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This could help

by dev_santana In reply to Forgot Password

access safe mode.
If you see an extra login, with the name Administrator, choose dat if it prompts for a password type Administrator *with a capital A.

or follow the guide from this article

if all above does not work & theres important data do this.

if you have a partition dats empty/unused or can be a new folder installation of windows OR a paralel windows installation, after you've installed windows...access it and you can extract all your data back again and format you initial windows partition...OR you can just simply remove the hard disk..and install it on a diffrent machine as a secondary hdd...extract wat u need...format reinstall windows and place all your data back

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