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Forgotten Bios Password

By wildmandan69 ·
Have Panasonic CF-51 Toughbook Laptop
Cpu's bios passwords can be erased by pulling motherboard battery for CMOS - How can I reset it when cant remember password

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Short answer?

by Tig2 In reply to Forgotten Bios Password

You don't.

If you are the registered owner of the equipment, call the Panasonic Customer Care Centre. They should be able to help you.

You won't find much additional help here. This is a professional technical forum and no one here will knowingly help you or anyone else to crack a password.

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Very Unprofessional

by wildmandan69 In reply to Short answer?

Lets get one thing straight I'm not cracking anything! Ive built and helped lots of people run into problems with CPU's - Not that have to explain anything to you or the integrity of Question - Already contacted customer care and have resolved the matter. Owner is a kid uses it for school - I would appreciate it very much if you never respond or offer your assistance any question that I might have in future - will notify managment of this site your disrespectful response

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Let's get one thing straight

by TechExec2 In reply to Very Unprofessional

Let's get one thing straight:

"...Lets get one thing straight I'm not cracking anything!.."

Baloney! Your original post directly asked for help in breaking into a computer.

Notify the management of TR all you want. Knock yourself out.

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Actually TechExec2

by OnTheRopes In reply to Let's get one thing strai ...

It's very easy for both experienced and inexperienced users to lock themselves out of the BIOS settings by creating a password and then forgetting it. They can set a password for the BIOS and the computer will still boot "wide open" so to speak because the BIOS password is transparent during the boot cycle. Unless you are trying to change the BIOS ie: change boot order, install a new hard drive, etc., you may not even know there is a password on the BIOS.

There are many BIOS specific passwords or jumper settings for clearing passwords freely available from manufacturers on their websites.

It would have been helpful for WildManDan to provide the specific BIOS for which he needed the password but as it is I don't think he had anything underhanded in mind. I do think he should've posted to Tech Q&A. Any misunderstanding could've been avoided. :0

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Actually NB

by jdclyde In reply to Actually TechExec2

If he were so up and up, why would he right away post such an unprofessional post while crying about Tig being unprofessional?

Someone new should be a little more respectful himself, and not quite as high-and-mighty.

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by OnTheRopes In reply to Actually NB
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Misunderstood Intensions

by wildmandan69 In reply to Actually NB

My response is Misunderstood - Everything I know about computers was self taught - My life gave no room for school - spent endless hours reading. Ive built, repaired, and updated several hundred units. Have alot of pride in my accomplishments. Tig gave good direction at resolving my goal,but then attacked my integrity. I was trying to help my friend before his father found out that he lockd himself out. I don't have alot of expeience with the mechanics of laptops. I understand that there are persons out there are up to no good. To give Me right answer then stab My integrity so fast - is rude. I did not mean to disrespect anyone, but you guys are professionals, not me! Before you judge! Me look at his response, He did exactly what I did! Defended His Integrity - Is this how you treat new Members?

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Any misunderstanding of you...

by TechExec2 In reply to Misunderstood Intensions

Any misunderstanding of you here is a direct result of what you posted, nothing more. There is NOTHING that Tigger said that even questioned, let alone attacked, your credibility. NOTHING. Tigger did just fine. Don't blame Tigger for anything that has happened here. Your very poor response to Tigger is where judgement of you comes from.

You've got a lot to learn.

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Save the river of tears

by jdclyde In reply to Misunderstood Intensions

So you are self-taught. So are half the members on this board. A lot of them are self taught because there WASN'T CLASSES OFFERED in the field when they got into it. They are still around, and still holding their own just fine. Your self-taught hardship case will not win you any sympathy because no one likes a whinny a$$ t!tty baby. (owe you a nickle Mae)

You have no integrity on this board because you have done nothing to earn it. Baby didn't get the answer spoon fed to him like he wanted, so baby had a temper tantrum. Consider this another self-learned lesson. You show up new and want to sit at the adults table, sit quietly and be respectful.

How we treat new members? Only the ones that deserve it, like in this case.

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I did not attack your professionalism

by Tig2 In reply to Misunderstood Intensions

I politely explained that any additional assistance could not be forthcoming and would not be. As I have suggested to others, this is not a hack site. As we have had members in the past become quite angry at the refusal to assist, I have taken to explaining it.

To have posted as above and stated the nature of the misunderstanding from the outset, would have caused the direction to have gone differently.

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