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Forgotten Laptop Power-On Password

By Padefigure ·
I have a Compaq Presario 1500. I forgot the power on password is there a way to disable it or change it?

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by ghimpe-- In reply to Forgotten Laptop Power-On ...

I think that's a BIOS passwd, you can clear the CMOS either by a jumper on the mother board, or by removing the BIOS battery situated on the mother board. Do this with both the mains and the "normal" battery removed.

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by Keith Hailey In reply to Forgotten Laptop Power-On ...

I have a 12XL/300
In the manual there is a tip. It States "Pressing the F9 Key at any point withing the setup returns your Notebook to default settings"

Usually, steps like that are pretty much standard with Compaq.

now, on the next page it says that if you forget or lose your password that a Compaq service technician must reset the notebook for you to be able to acces your files.

In that case, you can go to the compaq website (just type in, it'll get you there, even though it's HP/Compaq now.) You can chat with support folks on line. just have the model number and serial number ready and they may be able to walk you through it.

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by mtwizel In reply to Forgotten Laptop Power-On ...

Go to ** and download their cd. One of the applications is reveal bios password.

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by kawarimi In reply to Forgotten Laptop Power-On ...

Try look for a small hole underneath your laptop, there might be a reset button(it differs on laptop, some have it but not all), it you found one, press and hold for atleast 5 second, you will need a small pointed tools like 5mm philip-screw driver or straightened paper clip

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by harmdijkman In reply to


I've also got the same problem as you did, with the compaq armada 1500. How did you solve the problem? is there any possibility to crack the CMOS or reset the password?

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by keith.desilva In reply to Forgotten Laptop Power-On ...

Bios passwords on laptops can be dangerous if you forget them, unlike a PC there isn't a jumper that resets this. One way to get around this is to update the bios on the laptop. The manufacturere will have a boot disk option that will reload the latest bios, should have no impact on the performance of the laptop but will clear all previous settings including the password.

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