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forgotten password on server

By michaelj90 ·
Please help I am desperate, I was asked to help get 2 new computers put on a domain both dell's with win 2k on them I accidentlly rebooted the server and noone knows the password to the thing, so we cant get the server back up any suggestions would be helpful, can I reload the operating system without loosing any info or can I upgrade win NT to xp pro and still not loose info, its very important to get that server back up please help if you can. Michael

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forgotten password on server

by Cr@zy@ssM@g!c!@n In reply to forgotten password on ser ...

no dont reinstall cause it wont help.. you will need to download a utility and run it to change your password.. i will point u to some of the sites. try using the trial version, but i hope they give you more than read access, not sure but i know where you can find the valid keys :)



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forgotten password on server

by feathersmcgraw In reply to forgotten password on ser ...

I can feel your pain. I once worked for a place that didn't have the password to the core switch! Luckily the previous administrator forgot to change the default snmp backdoor entrance...but with a server it is different.

If I read your question right you have an NT box? I agree with the first answer...DONT try to reload or upgrade. You will lose some if not all of your good data. Murphey will be sure of that.

However, you can use some hack tools like "John the Ripper" or "Offline NT Password & Registry Editor (v030426)". These boot disks contain NT file system drivers and software that will read the registry and rewrite password hashes for user accounts including the administrator. The links for both appear below. Give it a lookseeand follow their instructions:

Don't know if it will help, but best of luck and happy hacking...

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