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    Form fields with automatic jump to next


    by dotcomma ·

    Here’s the problem I need/want to solve.
    I have a word template with lots of form fields, most of them are set to hold only one letter or number, now I want to make things easier. You type the letter/number and it jumps automatically to the next field, without pressing any other key or clicking.
    I guess I need a macro to do that, but I haven’t been able to find out how to do it.

    Any idea or pointer which way to go, would be very much appreciated.

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      Reply To: Form fields with automatic jump to next

      by fungus-among-us ·

      In reply to Form fields with automatic jump to next

      As quoted from the Word Help file…

      “Word offers two ways for you to create a macro: the macro recorder and the Visual Basic Editor.

      For quick access to your macro, you can assign it to a toolbar, a menu, or shortcut keys. Running the macro is as simple as clicking the toolbar button or menu command or pressing the shortcut keys.”

      If the template you are using is a form already, basically all you have to do to get to the next field is to press the “TAB” key. I don’t see creating a macro and then having to use a key combination or toolbar button or menu command as being easier than entering the data and pressing the tab kay… this way, the users hands never leave the keyboard. I’ve created hundreds of forms in word and never had the need to create a macro… excel on the other hand… is a different beast altogether.
      Hope that helped. Good Luck

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