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Form Items not visible unless at least one is keyboard-navigable

By john.a.wills ·
I have an Oracle Form with 3 blocks on one canvas. The third contains 10 read-only text items set within a trigger When-New-Block-Instance. Unless at least one of the items is keyboard-navigable, the attempt to pass control to this block results in control returning to the 1st block (the 2nd block does not get changed in this) without any information appearing in the 3rd. The keyboard-navigable item appears highlighted, which I do not want. I can change which item gets highlighted by changing which one is keyboard-navigable. I would like to give my user a Form free of useless highlights. What should I do?

Probably irrelevant information: the 2nd block has another canvas stacked on it. The first block contains a key item (the aid year) and the 2nd block gets set appropriately for that key item. The 2nd block has a vertical scrollbar. The stacked canvas has a horizontal scrollbar. Both scrollbars work correctly. The 2nd block has the 3rd block as "next block", the 3rd the 2nd as "previous block".

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