Form will not start

By jdickerson ·
I am trying to double click on a exe file and get the form to load. I do not have the code. When I double click on the form I get an hour glass for a few seconds and an email in my sent file telling me that the program did not run. I think it was coded either in VB5 or VB6. If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate it.

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VB5-VB6 startup issue

by ats-llc In reply to Form will not start

Do you have either the VB5 or VB6 runtime installed on the platform? If not that may be the cause of the failure to start.

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could be a nuymber of things

by rob In reply to Form will not start

I write a lot of VB6 apps as database front-ends, and the first thing it does is connect to the database on a server mapped drive - if it fails it puts up a message "Unable to connect to database" and stops - it sound like your coder is sending an email failure message instead - although not a very clue-full one.

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Questions ....

by mberger In reply to Form will not start

So, did this application ever run on the machine where it is now failing ? What exactly does the email say ? You say you get an email "in my sent file"... I don't understand what you mean by "sent file" ?? Do you mean "sent folder" in Outlook ? If so, who was the email sent to ? Have you looked in the EventLog ? That may shed some light into what is going on. As an earlier post eluded to, is this program supposed to connect to some resource (i.e. a Sql Server machine), that is not available now ? The list goes on and on....

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