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Form works in IE but not Firefox

By alexander.david.r ·
This is an odd error that I have come across. I am creating a form that users can use to submit some text with an optional photo. My first trial of this form threw an Access denied error when run in IE, at the time I did not attempt to run it in Firefox. On my private test server where I was testing the form, I set the permissions for the ASP.NET account (its written in ASP.NET and some C#) to full access as it needs to modify a text file and save the photos to the server. It works perfectly in IE, but when run in Firefox I get the Access to the path C<folder>\images is denied error.Ive come up short of giving permissions to everyones grandmother and the kitchen sink in my house that I can think of. What I would like to know is what group of users does Firefox use to access the page so that I can give it the permissions needed to access the files/folders. If anyone knows that would be a great help. Thank you in advance.

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by onbliss In reply to Form works in IE but not ...

Is the folder that you mention under the web application or is it outside? What I am trying to ask is are you able to get to the image folder thus "~/image/" in your asp.net code?

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by alexander.david.r In reply to

I changed the code so that it worked with File and System commands. Before I was using Directory and it was throwing on an extra character in the path string. So changing that and also giving file access permissions to ASP.NET was what fixed it.

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by bluemoonsailor In reply to Form works in IE but not ...

I'm sure you've probably already tried this, but it does bear mentioning. Depending on how your IIS security is set up, IIS will impersonate the user logging in. If you're having people log in, you need to ensure that their userid has permissions to the directory both in the system AND in IIS. Run a search on ".NET Authentication" for loads more info.

Steve G.

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by alexander.david.r In reply to

I was able to find the problem and that was with the string for the path. It was adding on an extra character at the end (/) for the file in firefox and netscape. The solution was to use system commands and not Directory commands to get the full path. But your solution did bring up the access problem and I was able to find information that allowed me to set the permissions on the folder for other groups as well so that they can read and write and modify the file. Thanks for your help there.

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by alexander.david.r In reply to Form works in IE but not ...

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