Format 40GB external to FAT 16

By agayias ·
My car audio system recogniee a 512 external which is formatted with FAT 16 and does not recognise the 40GB external formatted FAT 32
Any way to formate the 40GB with FAT 16 or any way to make it play?

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Possible to partition?

by shiny_topadm In reply to Format 40GB external to F ...

It's hard to be precise without knowing the exact products involved, but the external [drive] would need to be partitioned to smaller logical drives (of 2GB or 4GB max. depending on the cluster size of 32KB or 64KB, respectively) that could each be a FAT16 drive. If you can only access one external (logical) drive, you would be wasting all of the rest of the space on the external device. Some interfaces allow multiple drives to appear as multi-disc changers or playlists. YMMV.

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thnx for the info

by agayias In reply to Possible to partition?

tha car audio is a Kenwood KDC-W534UA and the hard disc is LaCie Mobile Hard Drive, Design by F.A. Porsche 40GB, if this helps

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In theory

by TonytheTiger In reply to Format 40GB external to F ...

you can have 64k clusters of 64kb each with FAT16. That's 4 gig using 512 byte clusters.
However, if your system uses a DOS variant to read the disk, it will probably be limited to 32k clusters, so two gig would be the max. You can try partitioning the drive, but I'm also pretty sure DOS has a limit of 32 gig for a physical disk, so you're out 8 gig.

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thnx for the info

by agayias In reply to In theory

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