Format a Hard Drive from a Hard Drive

By ececopar ·
I have a Virus problem in my principal hard drive, I located a second hard drive with a windows, how can i use that 2nd hard drive to format and install again windows?

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Two drives...

by otaku_lord In reply to Format a Hard Drive from ...

Set up the old drive as the primary and the current drive as the secondary. Boot from the first and format the second.

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WARNING Will Robinson!

by Kenone In reply to Format a Hard Drive from ...

Doing as suggested above carries a high probability of copying the virus to the second drive, depending on the virus.

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by oldbaritone In reply to Format a Hard Drive from ...

I'd STRONGLY suggest booting from setup CD and formatting the drive from Setup. Don't forget to FORMAT /MBR as well.

Plugging a virus-infected drive into a good system is asking to get the good system infected too. Virus can't write to CD, especially a manufacturer's CD.

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It's unlikely that the 'new' HD will boot.

by Ron K. In reply to Format a Hard Drive from ...

Unless the second hard drive comes from a system that's almost identical to the original system Windows won't boot. When setting up Windows it makes note of the hardware and sets up Windows for that hardware. In other words you can't just go swapping HDs between computers. <br>
If you don't care about any data on your principal hard drive just install Windows over the top of whatever's there. Format it to NTFS and you should be fine. <br>
Don't forget to get a good antivirus program before you connect to the Internet or the first thing after you connect. <br> <br>
Make sure you have all of your PC's drivers before reinstalling Windows. Burned to a CD or a UFD should be fine.

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I just realized something.

by Ron K. In reply to It's unlikely that the 'n ...

If you're asking how to bootleg a copy of Windows no TR professional will help you. A Windows license allows one copy of the Window's software to be installed on a single computer. <br>
What to do? Buy a copy of Windows like most of us had to. You can save money by buying an OEM version. is a good place to shop.

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by .Martin. In reply to Format a Hard Drive from ...

boot of the windows CD/DVD and format using that.

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