Format C drive

By bayberryblinds ·
If you want to format C drive, and computer came with operating system preloaded and no operating system disc were sold with computer, how do you put an operating system back on C drive? System came with Vista preloaded.

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Try this

by unhappyuser In reply to Format C drive

If you have a floppy drive, format a disk, male it bootable, reboot off the floppy and reformat the hd. If no floppy drive, do the same by burning a bootable CD (I'm assuming you have a burner in the computer).


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Is there a recovery partition?

by seanferd In reply to Format C drive

If not, see if you can get disks from the manufacturer. Make sure you have the Vista product key saved somewhere before you format the drive and re-install, if it is not on a physical tag on the system.

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RTFM ? - Or, in your case ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Format C drive

The Owner's Manual.

The system MUST have come with instructions covering this very eventuality.

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Get the reinstall CD

by LarryD4 In reply to Format C drive

The easiest method is to contact the vendor and ger a reinstall CD.

If its an HP/Gateway/Dell type the always have OS installation CD's that they will send you, either free or for the cost of shipping.

These CD's only will install the OS on their PC's so its not an issue for them to send it to you.

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Is it a laptop?

by an_it_guy In reply to Get the reinstall CD

If this is a notebook, they normally come with a second partition just enough to save the ISO image of the system - this is a factory reset for the system in question.

You can reach this option by hitting the F12 key while system boots and choose to restore the system

This will not only re-install your OS but also install all the correct drivers for the system.

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Make and Model

by Jacky Howe In reply to Format C drive

of your System would help instead of us guessing. Are you trying to install another Operating System or do you need to reload Vista.

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Make and Model

by bayberryblinds In reply to Make and Model

It is a no name computer. Bought from some computer warehouse that has since gone out of business. It was a menu selection of items in computer and it was built. I am just trying to reload vista. The system is so fouled up from unknown sources, sometimes you just have to clear everything out and start over. I blame download of music for Ipod from Itunes but don't know if that caused a lot of the problems. So slow at start and after start slow to process anything. Thanks for your reply and advice.

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Can you check these

by Jacky Howe In reply to Make and Model

Press the Winkey + r and type in diskmgmt.msc and press Enter. Check Disk 0 and let us know what you see. It should show you how the drive is Partitioned. This may indicate a Recovery Partition.

When you first started up the System was there a reference to creating a Recovery DVD. Look under Program files for an option to create a Recovery DVD.

Were there any instructions provided with the System. IE: User Manuals

What are the items listed in the Menu Options. Is this menu displayed on startup before Vista loads.

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Might not need to reload...

by MechanicalPC In reply to Make and Model

Sounds like you have spyware and probably not enough RAM (no less than 2 GB) to run Vista effectively. If you have been downloading music and using iTunes I'm betting your music is stored in the My Documents/Music folder...bloats your user profile.

Try this, create a new user with full admin rights...log in as that user...if it's still slow on log in...check your processes and see if anything suspicious is maxing out your processor...could be a trojan floating around. Get a good anti-spyware app and run it...might find something you didn't expect.

There are a lot of good Vista optimization tips out there too...look around before you do a reload.

If all else fails...there are a lot of free utilities out there that will help you wipe your drive and start over...assuming you have a way of reinstalling Vista.

Good luck.

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