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format hard disk

By computab ·
Is it possible to format a hard disk only with Windows XP CDROM without installing Windows? The reason is that the quick format is very quick but then it starts copying files to install Windows. So what I do is switch off, connect as a slave drive and delete the Windows folder. I just want the blank disk for backup. I often put them in an external USB case.

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by TheChas In reply to format hard disk

I think you can just format "IF" you choose the full manual / custom setup. Or, go to the recovery console.

Or, you can make the task even easier.

Install a hot-swap bay in your PC.

Install the drive you wish to format in the tray and boot up your PC.

Go to Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Disk Management.

Select the drive and partition and format as desired.

Shut down, remove the drive and go on to the next drive.


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by computab In reply to

Disk management takes about 25 minutes to format a 80GB hard drive. The 'quick format' in Windows Install' is only 20 sec.

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by myplums In reply to format hard disk

A marginally quicker and cheaper way is to slave the drive to another box.

Go start>run type cmd
At command prompt type format x: /q

(where x is the drive letter of the slaved HDD)

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by computab In reply to

This only works if you know the drive letter after the drive has been initialised.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to format hard disk

Install the HDD in a USB caddy, plug into a working system and then format.

Or simpler still use a Windows 98 setup diskette, boot from it and then format your HDD. This formats to FAT32, but you can update later to NTFS.

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by computab In reply to

The drive is not recognised until it has been formatted. Sorry if you assumed it is not a new drive.

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by Benjamin.T In reply to format hard disk

Assuming you are using Windows XP.

1. Place your new hdd in your external USB case.
2. Plug your external USB device into your pc. Your Windows should auto detect your new device.
3. Click on Start -> Run -> diskmgmt.msc
4. New disks appear as Not Initialized. Before you can use a disk, you must first initialize it. If you start Disk Management after adding a disk, the Initialize Disk Wizard appears so you can initialize the disk
5. Then you can format from there, or partition from there.

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by computab In reply to

Formatting by this method takes about 25 minutes with an XP3000 processor, but only 20 sec in Windows install process.

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by Richard In reply to format hard disk

If you have a pc running WindowsXP, the all you need to do is boot up that PC, connect
your USB drive with the HDD installed, go to 'my computer' and right click the USB drive and you should have an option to format that drive. No other utlities are needed.

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by computab In reply to

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