Format hard drive stops at 94%

By Sailcofc ·
I am reinstalling XP and am formatting the hard drive. I went through the steps to delete the partition and start new. Now the computer is running constantly but hung up at 94%.

What should I do?

Thank you

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HD MFg Diagnostics

by bincarnato In reply to Format hard drive stops a ...

Go to the HD manufacturer's website and get thier diagnostics for the HD. Odds are that the HD has failed and needs to be replaced.

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Ran diagnostics before format

by Sailcofc In reply to HD MFg Diagnostics

I ran the diagnostics before I decided to reinstall xp and format the drive - everything passed. Could it be that the diagnostic software did not pick up on the problem? The reason for the reinstall (and format) was the fact that it would hang up frequently - mostly when running IE but it did it at other times too.

Any other suggestions?


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Which Diagnostics did you run?

by OH Smeg In reply to Ran diagnostics before fo ...

You need to run the HDD makers Diagnostic Test to test the HDD in your Computer. This is a Maker like Seagate, Conner, Samsung and so on not the name on the outside of the case.

You can get the HDD Makers Testing from here

Though you will first need to know who made the HDD.

Failing that you can run the Ultimate Boot CD to fully Diagnose the Hardware and download it from here

That is the listed downloads starting with the ISO image not the Add for the Ultimate Repair CD.

As far as your problem goes it could be a failing HDD, Faulty RAM, a Cooked CPU or it could just as easily be a corrupt/damaged Windows Install. You really need to test things before proceeding any further.

Also just a hint if the HDD fails the Makers Test you need to remove it and fit just the HDD to another computer and test again. If it still fails the test the HDD is dead and needs replacing but if ti passes the second Test the Data Cable, Power Supply or M'Board is faulty in the original computer and needs repairing/replacing.


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Check the memory

by Jacky Howe In reply to Format hard drive stops a ...

You can test the memory by running Windows Memory Diagnostic that can be downloaded from If memory problems are found, try re-seating the RAM. If it doesn't work, replace the defective RAM.

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hello how r u this is amjad ansari from india

by amjadansari In reply to Format hard drive stops a ...

again try to fromat
try new cd
ccorrect partition delete

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May be hard disk have a bad sector

by david261 In reply to Format hard drive stops a ...

Why you want to delete partition? You can use same partition for installation. May be your hard disk have a bad sectors.

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First download "Killdisk".............

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Format hard drive stops a ...


ISO burner:
More info:

Run Killdisk and select Wipe drive, this will take at least three to four hours. Once done you will be able to load on your Windows system disk with no problem.

Hope this helps with your issue.

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ultimate boot cd

by brian In reply to Format hard drive stops a ...

Download the Ultimate boot cd, it has a lot of great diagnostic tools and some nice wiping tools for hard drives, including kill disk, but it only supports 1 pass since it is the free version. you can get the cd from

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