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By sw723 ·
Looks like I am going to have to reformat my hard drive. My computer guru friend told me to go to the web site of the hard drive mfg and download a format program. Is there anywhere I can go to find out who made my hard drive. maybe like "system info" or "control panel"

Any tips on reformatting? I will back up my info.

The underlying problem is that I cannot get on the internet and everything I open with ie has the "illegal operation" note come up. i have re installed windows 98 even..... help

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by jschein In reply to Formating?

just goto and download a 98se boot disk... boot up from this floppy... at the a prompt, type: format c:/s

Once that is done, put in your 98 cd or whatever OS and open the install file.

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by TheChas In reply to Formating?

For a Windows 98 system, you can create a "Startup Disk" from the Add / Remove Programs section of Control Panel.

Open Add / Remove Programs, and click on the Startup disk tab.

Insert a blank floppy in the floppy drive, and your W98 CD in the CD drive.

After you back up your files and settings, Make sure that the BIOS is set to boot from floppy as the first device.

Insert the startup disk and boot up the PC.

At the DOS prompt, type in the command:

format c: /s

The "S" switch copies the system files and makes the hard drive a bootable disk.

After the format is complete, give the drive a volume name that you desire.

Then, with the W98 CD in the drive, type in:

This will start the W98 installation process.

Unless you need a specific utility from the hard drive manufacture, I recommend against using their setup disks as they often install unnecessary software that can make it difficult to deal with the hard drive.

If you wish to create a detailed profile of the hardware and software on your system, try Belarc Advisor from

Before you format your hard drive, it would be a good idea to make sure that you have the latest device drivers for all of your hardware.

As a side note for W98 systems, exercise caution with Windows Updates.
I recommend against installing DirectX 9 and IE6 UNLESS the driver for your video card supports DirectX 9.


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by sw723 In reply to Formating?

I have reformatted per these instructions but the computer is not reading my 2 cd drives e and f.

now what? I cannot install windows if it does not read the drives???

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